sorry for the lack of posts lately, isaac and i moved in together and we don’t have internet yet :(

so stop unfollowing me, nukkas

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everyone needs to keep their friggin’ little fingers crossed for me and isaac

until we find out that we got the apartment. deal? cooooool, thanks

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K BYE, going to look at an apartment with isaac :)
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is my new theme showing up properly for everyone?
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who wants to hear all about my traininggg?!?!

if you do, keep reading. if not, stop here.

okayyy so we got here really late april 7th, the day before easter (aka my favorite holiday EVER fml). there’s 7 of us living in our rental house, 6 of us are from presque isle and 1 is from new hampshire. 4 of the house guests have already been flight attendants with colgan air. kenzie, brenda, and myself are the noobs to the airline industry. sunday afternoon we went to our boss’s house for a wonderful easter dinner with her family. she lives on “hillside” which is the rich part of town, these people literally live on the mountains surrounding anchorage. it’s amazing. the first few days in the house were rough because everyone was jetlagged, tired, and stressed, so there were a few fights that broke out. i ended up crying during all of them, gosh i’m a baby haha

oh and the moose up here are like dogs. they sleep on the sidewalks in town and eat bushes from people’s yards like it’s no big deal. i’ve seen at least one moose every day that i’ve been here. it’s unreal! another woman in the house, also named amy, actually pet a moose..dangerous, but badass. yeah so class didn’t start until wednesday, we spent our time shopping and sleeping mostly!

the first few classes were just deathly boring. we learned the history of pen-air, the company policies, their values, the benefits they offer, la-dee-dah. oh and we had to dress up to impress the pilots who are also having a class in anchorage with us (wtf? why did we have to impress them? GOOD QUESTION.) then it started getting more interesting, with first aid, cpr, hazmat - stuff like that. we start class every day from either 7 or 8 and go until anywhere from 3 to 5. the only days we have off are sundays. basically, i wake up, get ready, go to class, come home, study, study, study, sleep, repeat. if i’m lucky i can squeeze a tanning sesh in there somewhere. oh and skype with isaac! but other than that, there’s not much free time.

i’ve been getting good grades on all my tests, my average right now is a 92.99% and we only have to pass with at least an 80%. but they don’t just look at grades, they judge you on your attitude, appearance, participation, personality, pretty much everything you do or say is being observed and noted. it’s intense. they’ve sent 3 people home already. the hard about it for me is having to apply what i’ve today we did “ditching” drills, which is a water evacuation, and i know what to do in my head, it’s just a matter of actually executing it. it’s hard to remember all the steps when the pressure’s on, ya know? but once i got started, adrenaline kicked in and everything just came to me.

i absolutely LOVE alaska. this is the most beautiful place i’ve ever seen. i can’t even put into words the beauty i see every day. but i’m still missing presque isle :( i’m so homesick. i miss my parents so much, and the people at the hotel, my friends, my cats, my car, and most of all - ISAAC ♥

HOLY CRAP I MISS ISAAC. it makes my heart get all tight and twisty when i think about how bad i wanna see him. there’s been nights that i’ve come home and collapsed on my bed and cried because i’m so stressed out and i know that if he was here, i would be okay and he’d make it all better. after months of seeing each other every single day, spending nearly every night together, now going almost a full month apart is agonizing. i hate sleeping alone knowing that he’s 4500 miles away. all i want is to curl up in his arms, with our kitty at our feet, and fall asleep. i miss that so much. 9 more days until i’m home and i can see him. i’m gonna go crazy waiting. if there was any question in my mind about whether or not this is right - i know now for 100% certain that i belong with him. no doubt in my mind.

..that was a somewhat successful rant. you’re welcome.

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currently #mylife. evac drills

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i miss isaac so bad i wanna cry :’(
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sorry i haven’t been updating much guys! i’m in anchorage until may 1st for training!

i’ve been soo busy, non-stop! bear with me! :(

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